Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Beacon Hill Garden Tour

For my birthday this year, a friend took me to the Beacon Hill Garden Tour. I have been wanting to go to this for a few years now, but the past couple years it has rained. For anyone not familiar with the Beacon Hill neighborhood in Boston, it is a historic area. It is known for its federal style rowhouses, narrow gas lit streets, and brick sidewalks. It is also the most expensive and desired Boston neighborhood. The garden tour allows you to go into private gardens that can't be seen from the street. The exciting part for me is that in order to access the gardens, you need to go through the house! I love looking inside these old rowhouses. They are simply stunning! Here are a few pictures from my day. Space is limited in this area, so most of these gardens are tiny, but they are still peaceful and full of inspiration.

I love this idea for a plant stand!
These Hydrangeas were HUGE

Most of these homes have these great window boxes

This was my favorite garden..very tranquil

I hope you enjoy a glimpse into these private areas! 


  1. Gorgeous. I'm sure you got lots of good ideas.

  2. I love that staircase planter on top!