Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Craft show season!!!

Craft show season is upon us! I have only done a few shows, so this is mainly new territory for me. I have 3 more this season, maybe 4. I have to remember next year to apply early for them. I have learned a few things that may come in handy for anyone new to this. I am sure there are many other great tips out there I would love to hear about! First, it is very important to make a list of everything you think you may need..such as scissors, tape, pens, etc. Have a dolly/hand truck!!! It is so much easier to get everything to your spot. The last show I did, my spot was at the very end of the building! If you have a friend, bring them! It can get slow at times with no customers, so a friend can always fill in the gaps..or a good book. It is also a great time to network with other crafters. You can learn of other shows around the area, and just get your name and business out to more people. People can be weird, so don't take it personally..Not everyone will love your things as much as you do. It's ok! Just smile and be friendly. I am hoping as November comes, people will be more in the holiday shopping spirit.

I have been super busy sewing up a storm. I am trying to get a large enough inventory so my table will look full and give people a good selection. I made a bunch of  Ipad covers. Here are a few of them..They are padded and have either a snap closure or velcro.

This last one is made from wool I scored at a yard sale!

I also made a few more oilcloth totes. These are great! You can get them dirty, sticky, you name it..it just wipes clean. 

I hope everyone is enjoying the Fall! We actually have snow in our forecast this week! I am hoping it just sticks to the mountain region! Snow in October is NOT a good thing!