Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sweet Diversion

Usually, I dislike when I get off track from a plan, especially when I am on a time constraint. This time however, it was a pleasant surprise. I have a 20 minute break at work. My plan was to go to the post office. I had to ship off this lovely purse to Australia! I went with 2 ladies from work, and lucky me, there was no line at the PO! Working in downtown Boston, this is rare! We took a detour to CVS to pick up some candy for the office. As we left CVS, we noticed a new store where an old favorite used to be. The new store is called Sweet, and we are sure glad we found it! The store is super I walked in, I noticed the girly pink high backed benches and the marble table tops. Then you see the CASE..full of the most delightful, mouth watering, cupcakes I have ever seen. They even have frosting shots! Here are a few pics to tempt you:

I love their packaging! I will be back to sample some of these for sure! 

I have a 2 day craft show this weekend in Boston. I will post some pics from this event when I can! 


  1. Beautiful, I love a good cupcake shop. And the purse you shipped off is lovely, jealous of the Australian girl getting it!

    <3 (found you through blogging buddies on Etsy)

  2. Thank you Michelle!
    I should stay away from cupcakes, but after seeing this place it will be difficult!

  3. These cupcakes look to die for!!! The frosting jobs are so pretty!

    The Methuen post office is always unpredictable....sometimes no line (total score) but other times the line is out the door with only 1 person working the counter!

    I have to tell Jim about the par-boiling of the zuchinni. The rollatini would be a fun dish to perfect!