Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Coin Purse Frenzy

I had a sudden urge to get some coin purses done, so I went through my scrap stash and got to work. I cut a bunch of them out, and finished all but 4 of them.

The owls are a popular seller, so I hope to get these finished by next weekend!

I am also going to create a super girly tote bag for my friends' daughter. It is her birthday very soon and I am sure she will love a pink and frilly tote bag filled with goodies. I will post pics once that is complete! The weather here is finally getting back to normal. We had a few days of sweltering heat and humidity. I am thankful for air conditioning!


  1. These are so cute. My house has no AC. Ugh!!!! ~Val

  2. NO AC!!! AGHHHH It was so hot upstairs, since I don't out the AC on until I get home..I probably lost weight from sweating!